Author: Tom Mitchell


NFT projects 2023: Exciting New Trends and Projects to Watch

Introduction Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) took the world by storm in 2022, sparking a massive wave of interest and adoption across

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Digital Real Estate Investing Goes Mainstream

Introduction Digital real estate investing has become increasingly popular, with more people exploring opportunities in the metaverse and virtual worlds.

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NFT Art’s Appeal – Authenticity and Ownership Empower Creators

The NFT art’s appeal has enthralled the art world in recent years with its promise of digital ownership and blockchain-enabled

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Crypto Outlook 2023: Vital Factors Will Shape Crypto’s Destiny

Introduction The crypto outlook for 2023 will depend on various factors that can impact price moves throughout the year. After

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NFTs digital ownership – Revolutionizing Digital Ownership Models

Introduction NFTs digital ownership have burst onto the scene as a disruptive new model for establishing provenance and value for

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