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Insights from Gary Vaynerchuk on the Future of NFT Trends


The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market has been a subject of great interest and speculation in recent years, attracting both artists and investors alike. As we delve into June 2023, it is crucial to examine the prevailing trends and gain insights from industry experts. In this post, we will explore the latest developments in the NFT market and highlight the perspectives of renowned entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, along with other industry sources. From the evolution of NFTs beyond mere collectibles to regulatory considerations and emerging use cases, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the NFT landscape in 2023.

Gary Vee’s Vision for NFTs: Beyond Collectibles

Gary Vaynerchuk, widely known as Gary Vee, is a prominent figure in the crypto and NFT space. In a recent interview[1], he shared his vision for the future of NFTs, emphasizing their potential beyond being mere collectibles. Vaynerchuk initially conceptualized VeeFriends, an NFT collection, as a means of providing positive reinforcement to individuals dissatisfied with their jobs. However, as the NFT boom coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, he pivoted his plans and merged them with the digital asset sector.

Vaynerchuk’s primary focus lies in real-life utility rather than the digital collectibles themselves. He envisions NFTs as a gateway to creating a universe, akin to Sesame Street, where opportunities abound. While some NFT projects explore expanding their intellectual property into physical merchandise, Vaynerchuk believes that not every project is suited for this approach. Nonetheless, he encourages creators to consider the broader opportunities that such expansions may offer.

NFT Trends and the Transition from Hype to Utility

The NFT market experienced significant growth and faced various challenges in 2022. However, as we progress into 2023, the market is poised for a transition from hype to utility. NFT platforms that demonstrate staying power are focusing on experimenting with utilities around their collections. The emphasis is on offering tangible benefits to users beyond the potential for quick financial gains.

For instance, Psychedelics Anonymous, an NFT-based Web3 brand, recently launched a token-gated merchandise line, where buyers need an NFT from their collections to purchase apparel. Such innovative approaches pave the way for increased adoption of NFTs and the integration of these digital assets into everyday experiences.

Gary Vee and the NFT Trends

Regulatory Considerations and Increasing Government Oversight

As the NFT market matures, increased regulatory scrutiny and government oversight have become prominent themes. Governments and regulatory bodies are taking notice of NFT investments, and taxation has emerged as a significant aspect of regulation. In 2022, the IRS ruled that NFTs are taxable, similar to cryptocurrencies, subject to long-term capital gains tax rates if held for a year or more.

While regulation offers certain benefits, such as increased market safety and investor protection, it also brings complexities and potential limitations for artists and smaller creators. Striking a balance between oversight and fostering innovation is crucial to ensure the sustainable growth of the NFT market.

Emerging NFT Trends in 2023 and Beyond

Looking ahead, it is essential to stay informed about emerging trends that shape the NFT market. Several notable developments have already begun to take center stage in 2023. Let’s explore some of these trends:

Taking Out Loans Using NFTs

Investors are increasingly utilizing their NFT collections as collateral for loans, enabling them to secure funding for new ventures and navigate financial crises.

Big Brands Embracing NFTs

Recognizing the potential of NFTs, established brands are actively exploring ways to leverage this technology, forging partnerships and creating unique experiences for their audience.

NFTs and the Entertainment Industry

Hollywood is tapping into the NFT space, incorporating these digital assets into movie promotions, memorabilia, and exclusive experiences for fans.

Fashionable NFTs

NFTs are making their mark in the fashion industry, with designers and creators launching digital fashion items that can be owned, displayed, and traded on blockchain platforms.

Intellectual Property and NFTs

Intellectual property rights have become a significant consideration in the NFT market, leading to discussions around ownership, licensing, and royalties for digital assets.

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms are recognizing the potential of NFTs and exploring ways to incorporate them into their ecosystems, offering new avenues for creators and users to engage with digital assets.

Crypto Exchanges and NFTs

Cryptocurrency exchanges are expanding their offerings to include NFT marketplaces, providing users with seamless access to buy, sell, and trade these unique digital assets.

Venture Capital Inflows

Venture capital investment in the NFT market continues to surge, indicating growing confidence in the long-term potential and viability of this emerging asset class.

Alternative Chains

While Ethereum remains a dominant force in the NFT space, alternative blockchain networks are gaining traction, offering scalability, lower fees, and unique features that attract creators and collectors.

Increasing Government Regulation

As mentioned earlier, governments and regulatory bodies are stepping up efforts to regulate the NFT market, addressing taxation, consumer protection, and fraud prevention.


As we navigate the NFT market in June 2023, it is clear that the landscape is evolving beyond collectibles. Industry experts like Gary Vaynerchuk envision NFTs as a means of creating universes and providing real-life utility. The transition from hype to utility, emerging use cases, regulatory considerations, and various trends, ranging from loans secured by NFTs to social media integration, all contribute to the dynamic and ever-changing NFT ecosystem.

By staying informed and adapting to these trends, artists, investors, and enthusiasts can position themselves at the forefront of the NFT revolution, driving innovation and shaping the future of digital assets.


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